Your Shop Managers

ShopMy enables you to add managers to your account- giving your assistant, manager, agent, and anyone else on your team the ability to access your account and handle tasks on your behalf.

What makes this feature great? Not only are you able to alleviate bandwidth by passing various aspects of shop management off to members of your team (so you can focus on the parts you love/want to handle), but you have complete control over what your Shop Managers have access to. For example, you can enable your team to handle all negotiations with brands for Collaborations, while you handle shop-building & linking to engage with your audience and generate valuable data via affiliate link performance.

Adding Managers to Your Shop

To add managers to your account:

  • Go to Account Settings
  • Scroll down to “Your Shop Managers”
  • Click “+ ADD MANAGER”
  • Enter the Shop Manager’s email address and configure permissions* for which features on the platform your Shop Manager has access to

*Please note that you can update your managers’ permissions at any time in Account Settings.

Shop Manager Access & Visibility


It’s important to us that you as the creator have full control over what your Shop Managers see. Below is an example of what your Earnings tab will look like to your Shop Manager if you toggle the “Can View Earnings” permission OFF.


Chat With Brands

If you enable your Shop Manager to send messages on your behalf, we add a small signature to the message so it’s clear to brands that a member of your team is managing the conversation for you.


If you or your Shop Manager(s) could use a refresher demo of how the platform works, please email to schedule time with Em or Caley-Rae from our Talent team!