What is Snapshop?

The Snapshop widget is a new feature built by the ShopMy team that provides an easy way to generate commissionable links and add to your collections without having to leave a retailer’s website. It works on any e-commerce product page and offers commission rates with over 50k ShopMy retailer partners.


Install Snapshop

To install Snapshop, click “Create a new link” on ShopMy to open the “Add New Product” module.


Follow the outlined instructions and drag Snapshop to your bookmarks bar.

Installing to Safari

Due to a Safari limitation, there are a couple of additional steps required to enable Snapshop on Safari.

After adding Snaspshop to the bookmarks bar in Safari, you must enable Snapshop usage.

  • On the Safari menu, select Safari —> Preferences —> Advanced —> Check “Show Development Bar
  • On the Safari menu select Develop —> Disable Cross-Origin Restrictions
Installing to Chrome
Access Snapshop

While on a product page, click Snapshop from your bookmarks bar to open Snapshop.


Snapshop widget will appear on the right-hand side of your screen with auto-populated details about the product and retailer.

Edit a Product Image, Title, and Description

Before adding the product link to a collection and/or generating a link, you can edit the product image, title, and description.

Product Image

To Edit the image select “Change Image” and all available images will appear for selection.

Product Description

To add a description, click on the description section and type.

Product Title

To update the product title you can click into the title section and type, or click on the pen icon and click the title from the webpage.

Generate a Commissionable Link

To generate your shareable link, click “Create Link” and your link will be copied to your clipboard for sharing. It will also be saved to the “Links” section of your account should you want to access the link from another device.

Add to a Collection

To add the product to one of your collections, click “Add to Shop” and all of your unarchived collections will appear as options.

Use the search bar to find specific collections.

Click the + to add the product to the collection.


After adding it to the collection, the commissionable link to that specific product with be copied to your clipboard.

Read Notifications in Snapshop

Any unread chats, gifting responses, consultation responses, or collaboration requests can be accessed by clicking on the bell in the top right corner of the Snapshop window.



Snapshop FAQ