Preparing for Coachella on ShopMy

The purpose of this document is to help ShopMy Creators prepare their shops for Coachella and other festival-related content this year.

Coachella Prep Checklist

Download the ShopMy app to easily create links on the go.

As you’re packing for the festival and taking inventory of what you’re bringing, create shoppable links for these items in advance. That way when you are at the festival and linking, you can easily search and grab these links from your links tab.

Connect your social channels in Account Settings so you can easily pull in your Coachella content and make it shoppable.

Make sure to add shop sections for each of your social channels so you can keep your shop organized and make all of your Coachella content easy to find (if you’ll be posting on multiple platforms).

Request gifting and discount codes from brands/retailers whose products you might want to bring with you to the desert.

Consider creating a “FESTIVAL SEASON” shop section to house everything in one place. With the ability to create custom tabs on your shop, it’s easy for you to create a destination where your followers can find your festival essentials. You’ll also be able to add to this shop section after Coachella should you be attending any others!


Content & Collection Ideas

Looking for some ways to bring your audience along for the ride with you for Coachella? We’ve assembled some ideas of ways you can share all your festival must-haves.

Packing for Coachella

Show your followers how you’re packing for a weekend in the desert with your luggage, packing essentials and travel skincare. Some brands & retailers to link to:

  • CALPAK (7%)
  • Cadence (17%)
  • Summer Fridays (15%)
  • Tatcha (15%)
  • First Aid Beauty (15%)
  • The Detox Market (17%)

Coachella Glam

What better weekend than this one to try some edgy, fun, out-of-this-world beauty looks? Some brands & retailers to link to:

  • about-face (15%)
  • Hourglass Cosmetics (13%)
  • Pleasing (15%)
  • The Manucurist (15%)
  • Persona Cosmetics (18%)
  • Flavedo & Albedo (17%)
  • Emilie Heathe (15%)
  • Victoria Beckham Beauty (12%)
  • Live Tinted (15%)

My Festival Looks

Coachella is a modern day runway and one of the biggest style moments of the year. Highlight what you’re wearing on your shop! Some brands & retailers to link to:

  • Shopbop (13%)
  • Mytheresa (13%)
  • Revolve (11%)
  • Saks Fifth Avenue (9%)
  • Bloomingdales (9%)
  • Moda Operandi (11%)
  • ASOS (7%)
  • Urban Outfitters (6%)
  • FWRD (11%)
  • Petal & Pup (15%)
  • Anine Bing (17%)
  • Jenny Bird (17%)
  • Steve Madden (13%)
  • Warby Parker (17%)

Festival Recovery Kit

Give your skin, body, and mind some love after a crazy weekend. Some brands & retailers to link to:

  • HigherDOSE (15%)
  • Vital Red Light (15%)
  • reVive Light Therapy (10%)
  • 111SKIN (13%)
  • Vida Glow (17%)
  • Ember Wellness (15%)
  • Soft Services (25%)
  • Versed (17%)

What’s In My Coachella Bag?

Get your survival kit ready — hair ties, SPF, face mists, lip masks and more. Some brands & retailers to link to:

  • ISDIN (21%)
  • Emi Jay (9%)
  • Laneige (15%)
  • Riki Loves Riki (15%)
  • Bloomeffects (18%)
  • BIGSOFTI (10%)