Getting Paid

Our platform integrates directly with retailer and brand affiliate programs, so when you add products to your collections we automatically convert them into affiliate links. Commissions for the products typically range from 10 - 30% depending on the retailer. Once you share a collection, we track commissions from all the retailers and pay you with one monthly payout via PayPal. That means, we handle aggregating all the earnings from the various retailers that our users drive to on the platform, and handle all the payouts ourselves so you’re receiving one easy, streamlined sum of earnings.

Pending vs Locked Transactions

When a purchase initially comes in, it is considered “pending” until the retailer return window is passed and we have verified the transaction with the retailer. Depending on the retailer, transactions are usually in a “pending” state for about 60-120 days. Once confirmed, the transaction changes from “pending” to “locked” and it will be paid on our next payout date.

Payout Schedule

Earnings are to be paid out on a weekly basis (payouts occur every Friday). As a note, you just need $10 in confirmed earnings in order to be paid out. In your My Earnings tab under Payments, you can see a record of the payments that have been issued to you.

Linking Your PayPal/Stripe Account

To link your PayPal account, visit your My Earnings tab and scroll down to your "Linked Accounts" and you'll see where you can link your PayPal account. When you tap “Link Account” a pop-up from PayPal will open for you to enter your account information. We recommend connecting your PayPal account right after setting up an account to avoid any delays in receiving payment.

To connect your bank account via Stripe, go to your Account Settings from the menu bar. Scroll down and you'll see a button that says Instant Collaboration Payouts. Tap the Connect Stripe button. Please note that at this time, Stripe is only available to US-based users.