How Creator Tiers Work

Our creator tiering system rewards you for your performance on the platform by unlocking new features, facilitating partnerships with brands and much more. Explore a little below to understand how the tiering is calculated and all the ways you can move up a tier.

How Tiers Are Calculated

Our tiering system ranks your shop on a 100 point scale based on four major factors — Profile Completion, Recent Activity, Monthly Traffic and Monthly Order Volume.

Profile Completion - 10 points

In order for brands to best get to know you and how you typically like to structure partnerships, we decided to kick off the tiering system with 10 points for just getting set up.

  • Adding a Profile Photo - Go to “My Shop” and add a profile photo - 2 points
  • Adding a Bio - Go to “My Shop” and add a personal bio - 2 points
  • Setup Collabs - Go to “My Shop” and click the “Collaborations” tab to set up your offerings - 2 points
  • Connecting Social - Go to “My Shop” and add links to your social profiles or connect your profiles directly by following the steps here.
  • Recent Shelves - Add a shelf or post to your shop (only shelves added in the last 3 months count)- 2 points

Recent Activity - 15 points

Brands want to know that you are posting product-focused content on a regular basis. This is a ranking based on a combination of factors:

  • Number of weeks actively creating links - a max score would be actively creating links in seven of the last 13 weeks.
  • Pins added per week - the number of product links you generate on an average week in which you are active.
  • Gifting Response Rate - if you have been sent gifting requests, make sure you answer them with either a yes or a dismissal within the first seven days. If you don’t have any gifting requests, we will not take this into consideration.

Monthly Traffic - 25 points

Brands want to ensure that you are able to consistently drive traffic to your links. This only takes into account the last 3 months of data and can be driven by links attached to collections, to posts, or standalone quick links from the “Links” tab.

Monthly Volume - 50 points

The most essential component to the tiering is the amount of monthly order volume that you are able to drive. This shows brands that you are consistently speaking to an audience who is willing to act on your advice and purchase your recommendations.

What Are The Tiers?

Enthusiast Tier

This is the first tier that you start in when you join. It represents getting started as a product enthusiast who talks about new products to their audience but has not yet proven an ability to drive meaningful traffic or sales.


  • Virtual Storefront
  • Digital Consultations
  • Millions of Commissionable Products
  • Over 40k Merchant Partners

Ambassador Tier

This tier means that you are a product promoter with a meaningful audience that brands want to work with. You are able to drive views and orders when you talk about products as your audience genuinely trusts your advice.


  • $10 Bonus
  • Ability to Chat with Brands
  • Brand Gifting Opportunities

Trendsetter Tier

This highly selective tier means you are a proven product promoter with a significant following that frequently purchases your recommendations. Representing under 5% of the creators on the platform, this tier garners the largest number of paid brand collaborations.


  • $100 Bonus
  • Unlimited Ability to Chat With Brands
  • Unlimited Ability to Propose Collaborations to Brands
  • Invitation Priority to Select Community Events

Icon Tier

The most exclusive tier on the platform, this ranking represents only world-class product promoters. It means you have a significant audience of devoted followers who trust you and show it by purchasing whenever you recommend a new product. Brands dream of working with this tier and we work hard to ensure that they have the optimal experience on the platform.


  • $250 Bonus
  • Concierge Team Support
  • Invitation Priority to Select Exclusive Events
  • Priority Recommendation to Brands for Collaborations
  • Opportunity to be Selected for Beta Tests for Upcoming ShopMy Features

Other Notes

  • Once you reach a new tier, you are guaranteed to stay in that tier or higher for at least 14 days. This is to avoid frequently jumping from one tier to another and allow you to take content breaks without necessarily dropping down a tier.
  • We also offer bonus points for leveraging our highly popular referral program — you can earn up to 20 bonus points that can help you level up more quickly to a higher tier.