What are some top-performing content ideas to leverage on my shop?

Create a series that incorporates product mentions

It’s a great practice to create a regular series on one of your social channels where you can regular feature products. Here are a few examples:

  • My Beauty Empties - start a series where you create a video every time you have five or more empties (aka products you ran out of), and talk through each of the products and why you like them.
  • Monthly Favorites Round Up - every month round up a group of your favorite products and talk about why you like them
  • Weekly Product Review - every week review a new product and talk about why you do or don’t like it

Cover these topics that have performed really well across our platform:

  • Skincare Tools & Devices - round up some of your favorite skincare tools and devices.
  • Routines - such as your nighttime skincare routine, morning skincare routine, bodycare routine and more
  • Ingredient focus - talk about a specific ingredient (Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Glycerin, etc.) and the benefits of that ingredient, and the products within that category that you recommend
  • Sunscreen - curate lists of your favorite sunscreens without whitecast, favorite mineral or chemical sunscreens, or favorite sunscreens for the body