Tips for Instagram

Tip #1: Put your shop link in your Instagram bio.

We recommend putting your shop link in your Instagram bio so that your audience can easily shop your favorites. It’s also helpful to your audience to put something about the bio in your profile that lets them know they can shop your favorite products at the link below.


If you want to put multiple links in your bio, linktree or milkshake are great platforms many creators use to do this.

Tip #2: Keep your shop up to date with your posts.

Make sure to keep your shop up to date with your posts, and create collections that are specific to your content. For example, if you’re going to do a review of some skincare tools and devices in an IGTV, create a collection of the skincare tools and devices that you’re going to recommend and move this collection to the top of your shop. After posting the IGTV, you can share it to your stories and instruct people to “swipe up” to shop everything you mentioned in that IGTV, and you can link to that list of devices that you created.

Tip #3: Rather than list out products in your captions and stories, instruct your audience to swipe up or visit the link in your bio.


Tip #4: When your audience asks you product questions in your comments or DMs, point them to your shop or specific collectionswithin your shop.

If someone comments on a post and asks, for example, “what color lipstick are you wearing?” it’s an opportunity to point them to the link in your bio so they can easily go shop that product. Respond to your comments and let them know.


Also, if someone DMs and asks you about your favorite moisturizers or favorite eye creams for under eye dark circles, point them to your shop and tell them that’s where you’ve put all of your favorite products including those items.