Why does the commission rate I’m seeing on the platform differ from the amount I earned on a purchase?

There are a few reasons why the rate provided in the platform may not match what you see in the My Earnings tab:

  • Average commission rate: Many retailers have tiered commission rates that differ by brand, product, cart size, new versus existing customers, etc. As we’re unable to provide individual rates by circumstance, we do our best to provide an average as a guide to reference what you might be able to expect by linking to a particular retailer.
  • Exclusions: Some retailers may exclude specific items, collections, or entire brands from eligibility to earn commission. If an excluded item was included in a larger purchase, it may cause the amount earned to appear smaller in comparison to the order total. Similar to the case with tiered rates, we are unfortunately unable to pull in all individual exclusion caveats, but we assure you that we do our best to provide the average you can expect!
  • International websites: Sometimes, retailers will have different rates depending on which country you’re shopping from (and many retailers will have different URLs for different countries).