Earnings & Purchases FAQs

Affiliate Linking 101

How do I earn money using ShopMy ?
I noticed the commission rate for a certain retailer went up/down. Why is that?
What commission rates does ShopMy offer? How can I see which retailers offer the highest commission rates?
How do I know which retailers are the best to choose to link to in my shop?
A retailer I love isn’t in the catalog. What do I do?
What commissionable home and furniture brands are on the platform?
What are some UK-based commissionable retailers?
What are some other global retailers with commission?
What are some good commissionable apparel + accessories brands on the platform?

Purchases Made Through Your Shop

I’m expecting a purchase to come through, but I haven’t seen it in the My Earnings tab yet. How long does it take for commissions to show up?
Is there any reason why a purchase would not be attributed to my links?
Is the ShopMy team able to look into orders I’m expecting but do not see in the My Earnings tab?
Someone made a purchase using a link on my shop, but did not purchase the actual product that they clicked on. Will I still receive credit for this purchase?
How long is the cookie window for each click to a store?
Why does the commission rate I’m seeing on the platform differ from the amount I earned on a purchase?

Getting Paid

How do payouts work?
How do payouts for Consults work?
How do payouts for Collaborations work?
How do I link my PayPal or Stripe Account to get paid?

Using Your Own Affiliate Links

Am I able to use my own affiliate links if I have a better rate for a specific retailer, or if I have a rate with a retailer you don’t have in the catalog?
Is Amazon part of ShopMy affiliate network?