Creator Tier FAQs

Q: Can I go down a tier after reaching an upper tier? (i.e. if I reach the Trendsetter tier, can I ever end up back to an Ambassador or Enthusiast?)

A: Once you reach a new tier, you are guaranteed to stay in that tier or higher for at least 14 days. This is to avoid frequently jumping from one tier to another and allow you to take content breaks without necessarily dropping down a tier. However, due to points fluctuating due to things like monthly order volume, monthly traffic, etc., it’s possible that your points could decrease and therefore, that your tier could go down as well. If you’re noticing your points decrease and you could use some tips for raising your score, please reach out to Em at!

Q: What link clicks count toward “Monthly Traffic” points?

A: Brands want to make sure you drive traffic to products on a consistent basis — so only product links/retailer-direct links count toward these points. Shop page clicks and collection clicks do not count toward monthly traffic points, but they do get folks one step closer to clicking your product links!

Q: I’ve noticed that my (monthly clicks, monthly order volume) in Account Settings have gone down. Why is that?

If you're looking at your clicks in Account Settings under your creator tier information, the number you're seeing there is not a total number of clicks since you joined the platform. It's a calculation that reflects the average number of clicks per month (using the last three months). In the first few months, this number will fluctuate but will eventually become a more accurate reflection of your monthly clicks once there's more days of data to include.

Please find our resource on how creator tiers work here. To confirm, points can fluctuate based on activity level — things like monthly order volume, monthly clicks, etc.

Q: One of the elements of “Your Profile” (profile completion) is “Connected Social”. What does that refer to?

A: Go to “My Shop” and add links to your social profiles or connect your profiles directly by following the steps here. To confirm, if you’re unable to connect your social channels in Account Settings, that’s totally fine. Just make sure you add them to your profile under your bio to count toward these points!

Q: One of the elements of “Recent Activity” is responding to gifting requests on the platform. I don’t have any gifting requests to respond to — will this affect my overall score?

A: Nope! If you don’t have any gifting requests, we will not take this into consideration, and we will put more weight to actively creating links

Q: If the ability to chat with brands, propose collaborations to brands, etc. becomes unlimited at the Trendsetter tier, what is the cap of outreach at the Ambassador level?

A: At the Ambassador tier, you’re able to send 3 outreach requests to brands per day.

Q: One of the perks of the Icon Tier is priority recommendation to brands for collaborations. What exactly does this mean?

A: As those that reach the Icon tier are world-class product promoters, we prioritize these creators to brands when we provide them recommendations for people to work with for paid collaborations.

Q: One of the elements of “Your Profile” (profile completion) is “Set Up Collabs”, but I can’t figure out how to do that on the app. How do I set up collabs?

A: To confirm, the collaborations tab is a web-only experience, which is why you may have trouble locating if you're navigating on the app. We recommend heading to desktop to do this! Your collaborations profile you'll find right on your shop. More info on this here. To confirm, you can do this as an Enthusiast!

For more information on how Creator Tiers work, please check out this resource.