Creating Collaboration Proposals

A proposal is where you outline to a brand how you want to partner with them including the types and subjects of the content you’d be willing to create for them. A proposal can be very specific, or it can be broad and it should include a description of why you believe you’d be a good fit for a partnership with this brand. Please only focus on making proposals to brands you’d genuinely be interested in partnering with.

Overview of Proposal Process

Proposal is sent either by talent or by brand
Talent and brand chat about the terms of the proposals via the chat
Proposal is edited. Proposal can only be edited by the party that initiated the proposal. After editing, proposal needs to be re-submitted.
Proposal is accepted by the receiving party.
Proposal becomes an active collaboration.

The below doc reviews all of the components of a proposal. For details on active collaborations see here.

Proposal Title

The default title of the proposal will be “Collaboration between YOUR NAME and BRAND NAME.” To edit this, just hover over the title and write in your preferred title. If the proposal is specific, it’s good to include that in the title, for example “Stylevana x Glow with Sarah - ‘22 Spring Gift Guide.”

Step 1: Establish Deliverables

Step 1 of the proposal is the most important and it includes an overview of what you’d like the collaboration to include, suggested deliverables, and prices.

→ Overview

The collaboration overview section of a proposal should include:

  • A brief introduction of yourself and reason why you want to collaborate with this brand
  • Why you think you and your audience are a good fit for a collaboration with this brand. Include supporting evidence such as any credentials or expertise you have, notes on how well you convert, etc.
  • A brief summary of the deliverables you’d envision being a part of the partnership
  • An overview of the timing - is this something you’re open to over the course of the next few months, or something that is time sensitive? Please include those details.

→ Deliverables + Pricing

After writing the overview, you’ll add deliverables and set proposed prices for those deliverables. If you’ve configured your default prices for specific content types, they’ll be automatically populated there, but they can be edited. Just hover over the title or price to edit and adjust.


Step 2: Set Schedule

The schedule section of the proposal is optional. It is where you can set dates that content will go live. This is optional. So you can align first on prices with a brand and make edits to the proposal after.

Step 3: Upload Materials

If you’d like to upload any files to support your proposal, feel free to do it here. You can upload media kits or additional support here. This step is optional.

Step 4: Final Review

This step reviews everything you have built in the previous steps. Tap Submit Collaboration Request to notify the brand of your proposal.

The brand will either accept your proposal, dismiss your proposal, or chat with you to make adjustments. Only the initiating party can make edits to a proposal, so if a brand wants to adjust a proposal you submitted, you’ll have to edit the proposal and resubmit it.

Edit Existing Proposals

Chatting with Brands about Proposals