Completing Collaborations

Overview of Completing Collaborations

Your active collaborations can be managed in your Collaborations tab. Tap the View Collaboration button to report progress, upload content for approval, get links that correspond to a collaboration, and connect your socials for analytics and reporting.

Key Components to Completing a Collaboration

 You submit content for approval
Brand approves content
You publish content and mark as complete
You link your content for reporting
Brand pays ShopMy and ShopMy distributes payment to you

The below doc reviews all of the components of an active collaboration. Within a collaboration, you’ll mainly be working in three key sections: Deliverables, Uploads and Links & Analytics.


The deliverables tab is where you track the progress of the collaboration. Here you’ll submit content for approval, receive approval, and indicate that you’ve published your content.

Submitting Content for Approval

To submit content for approval, you first upload your content in the uploads tab, then come back to the deliverables tab to submit the content and attach a comment.



Uploads is where you’ll be able to upload content for approval before posting. You have the option of uploading via URL, from your device, or selecting from previous uploads.


Once you’ve uploaded your content for approval, go back to the Deliverables tab and click Submit for Approval. When you Submit for Approval everything in your Uploads tab will be shared with the brand. Try to correspond the file name with the deliverable title such as “FEED POST 1” or “STORY SLIDE 1.”

Use the comment box to add context to the uploads and provide the text of the caption you’ll use for the post if that was not included on the upload. For example:


Once your content has been approved, you’ll be notified via an email from If a brand has set a deadline for submitting approvals, please make sure to submit content before the deadline. Your next step after receiving approval is to publish your content and link the content afterwards for reporting. Tap the Mark as Complete button on the deliverables tab after content as been published.

Links & Analytics

The Links & Analytics tab of a live collaboration is where you’ll create and manage trackable links that correspond to a collaboration and report results from a collaboration — either from attaching content directly through our social integrations or from reporting custom results

Create Trackable Links

Every collaboration will likely involve some sort of link that will be shared — whether it’s on your Instagram stories, a YouTube caption or a link in your bio. These will either be provided by the brand, or you can attach links to the collaboration.

New Links

Let’s say you’re doing a collaboration with HigherDose to promote their Red Light Face Mask, and you’re planning to include a link to the product page ( from your Instagram stories. You’d want to create a trackable and commissionable link to that product page and attach it to your collaboration. To do this tap + NEW LINK and either search our catalog for the link or paste it in. Tap the edit button to adjust the title of the link.


A copy of the trackable link will also be shown in your deliverables section of the collaboration and in your Links tab. Remember that trackable and commissionable links will always look like this:

Connect Existing Links

If you already created a link or list on our platform that was associated with a collaboration and you want to attach it to share the analytics with the brand, click the Connect Existing button under trackable links.


You can search existing links. Note that the start date for the analytics pulled in on the Connect Existing link are from the date the proposal was accepted.

Connect Social Content

The Connect Social Content section is where you attach the content to this collaboration after publishing in order to report performance. The first step, is to connect each account. Once connected, you can select the posts that correspond with the collaboration.


Each platform requires you to go through an authentication process, giving ShopMy access to read the analytics data on your posts.

Once you connect an account, it will change from “connect” to “from.” Click on the social account again to connect the posts. Tap + ADD on the posts that belong to this collaboration.


You’ll see that the metrics are pulled from the post and displayed in the panel. A summary is displayed at the top.