How do I increase my likelihood to get a paid partnership?

Paid partnerships, in addition to your affiliate and consult earnings, are a great way to earn on the platform.

These are a few things you can do to increase your likelihood of being offered a collaboration from a brand:

  • Build out your consults profile: make sure to build out your consults profile to let brands know that you’re open to paid content. See here for instructions and tips on building out your consults profile — they key component is to list all of the channels you’re open to creating content on.
  • Actively drive clicks and orders: a great way to do this, for example, is using our quick links feature to share product links that go directly to brand and retailer sites. Share these on Instagram or in your YouTube captions.
  • Add products to your shop from brands you want to work with: they’ll be able to more easily discover you and offer paid collaborations if they know you are a fan
  • Check your gifting requests: Review gifting requests and accept gifting from brands you’re interested in trying. The brands that gift also offer paid collaborations.
  • Request discount codes from brands you love: commissionable discount codes from brands are a great way to drive orders and start a relationship with a brand. You can do this by visiting the chat with brands tab.
  • Add or update your bio: write a bio that includes any info you think might be relevant to brands including any professional certifications or licenses, experience, and more.
  • Link your social channels: make sure to add all of your social channels and your sites to your bio. Click the edit icon on your name at the top of your shop and add links to your socials, then save.