Brand Collaborations

Overview of Collaborations

The collaborations feature allows you to create campaign proposals to share with brands on our platform, receive invitations to paid partnerships with brands, and manage negotiations, deliverables, and campaign performance all in one place. All collaborations start as proposals that are either proposed by you, or sent to you by a brand. Once you agree on the terms, proposals become live collaborations where you submit approvals and post the progress of the completion of the collaboration. Once completed, you’re paid through ShopMy in the same way you’re paid for commissions.


Create or Accept a Proposal

Proposals can be sent by you to a brand from talent to a brand or brand to a talent. The parties coordinate about the details of price, deliverables and deadlines over chat. The initiating party edits the proposal until the receiving party “approves” the collaboration.


Complete Collaboration

The proposal moves to a live collaboration once it is approved. During this phase talent will: share content and captions for approval and link associated content for tracking after publishing. Brand will: approve content and manage trackable links for sharing.


Get Paid

Once completed, you’re paid through ShopMy in the same way you’re paid for commissions. There’s no cut or fee taken out of your partnership fees earned through paid collaborations on the platform.

The below docs review how to set up your profile on ShopMy in order to attract brands for collaborations, how to find collaborations, how to create proposals and how to complete collaborations. As always, do not hesitate to reach out to our team for support.

The Basics

Getting Started
Finding Collaborations
Creating Collaboration Proposals
Completing Collaborations
Getting Paid


Brand Collaborations FAQs