YouTube Best Practices

YouTube creators have an incredible earnings opportunity with affiliates. From our experience, these are some best practices:

Use our gold standard caption

We’ve found that the best converting caption uses both shortened links and a visual shopping list. Other helpful things to include in captions include:

  • Mention of any custom discount codes you have next to the corresponding product link
  • A link to your main shop page with all of your favorites
  • A list of any other relevant lists
  • A list of all of your discount codes
Check out an example gold standard caption here


Shop everything mentioned in this video here:

Byredo Bal D'Afrique Eau de Parfum

Perricone MD No Makeup Eyeshadow USE CODE 'TIFFANY20' FOR DISCOUNT

Chantecaille Lip Chic - Flower Power Collection

Stratia Skin Liquid Gold

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots


All of my favorites here:

Nighttime Skincare Routine





Build a shoppable list before posting

Get into the habit of building out a list of products before posting. Grab the product list by going to Settings & Links at the top of a list and going to the Product List for YouTube Caption box. You can copy this and put it directly into your caption.

See here for where to find link list for caption

Mention Discount Codes next to Corresponding Product Links

You should mention of any custom discount codes you have next to the corresponding product links in your captions. To request more discount codes from brands, go to the chat with brands tab, search for your desired brand, and click “request code” and write a short message, including what you’d like the code to be.

Check out an example here

Perricone MD No Makeup Eyeshadow USE CODE 'TIFFANY20' FOR DISCOUNT

Tap into our geo-links feature

Did you know that you can configure geo-links on your YouTube links so that in one link, if someone from the US clicks it, they go to the product page at Dermstore, if someone from the UK clicks that same link they can go to Cult Beauty, and if someone from Australia clicks it they can go to Adore Beauty. This feature has helped our YouTubers drastically increase the amount they can earn off a single link. Click here to see how to configure geo-links.

Include Visual Shopping List and Individual Links

In the caption of your video, use our shortened links and visual shopping list to make your YouTube video shoppable. We’ve found that the highest performing YouTube caption is one that includes both the individual product links and the visual shopping list since this accommodates both viewers who know exactly what they’d like to click on, and more visual shoppers who will find your shoppable list helpful. Attach the video to the list after posting. If you regularly do this, it’ll allow you to have better reporting on your videos. You can use your Links tab to see which links in each video are being clicked on the most, down to the day.

Check out an example embedded video here

Store Video Lists in your Posts tab

As you build lists that correspond to each video, put them in your posts tab. To move a list to the post tab, tap the Settings & Links bar at the top of the list and click "post" under collection type at the top. Use your main shop page to feature your tried-and-true favorites, and use the posts tab for all of your shoppable lists from your videos.

Check out an example here

Check out Gemma’s shop page ( and shoppable posts page (

List your Discount Codes at the End of the Caption

List out any of your custom commissionable discount codes at the end of your caption. To request more discount codes, visit the Chat with Brands tab, search a brand name and tap request discount code.

Check out an example here

Include a "What I'm Wearing" section of the video

Our platform has thousands of commissionable partners across fashion and accessories and conversion is great in these categories. Add a section mentioning what you're wearing to each video.

Check out an example here